New Job Description

With advancements in technology publicists have a new job. In the past the top players in Hollywood publicity, called when they we good and ready—they were the gatekeepers of information. But nowadays publicists are placing themselves right into all the action—they are using videophones, social networks, and email. They aren’t keeping their mouths closed because can’t, not with the Internet.

In a recent New York Times’ article it evaluate Kelly Bush, her company, ID works with elite firms that protect and promote the biggest names in show business. One of her large clients is Paul Reubens–aka Pee-wee Herman.

The New York Times‘ article states “Ms. Bush, 44, is also helping change the business, playing into and sometimes tangling with a volatile, Web-driven, 24-hour media culture that has forced celebrity publicists to become less the cautious gatekeeper and more the frenetic multitasker. She’s in your face and sure of herself, and she has no filter.”

The job of a publicist now is to not lay low but to go out there and live in the thriving culture of technological communication. Publicists can also manage an actor’s career, which in the past was unheard of. They collaborate and write scripts for special appearances involving their clients.

Technology is changing how the media does its job, but there are no rule books or instructions. If you are going to make it out there,you have to mold your objectives around the current technology and communication outlets.