A New Friend Request

News related News Feeds on Facebook, wow what a concept!

According to a CNN Tech report, “Facebook is taking major steps to ensure that its News Feeds contain more actual news.”

Facebook is hiring someone to build relationships with reporters and news organizations. On April 25, Vadim Lavrusik will leave the tech-news site, Mashable and start his new position as a journalist program manager for Facebook, which will be based in New York. Lavrusik will be responsible for encouraging the use of Facebook as a “reporting and promotional tool.” Also he will maintain  the recently launched Journalists on Facebook page.

Twitter and Tumblr have been beating Facebook when it comes to providing newsworthy information and emphasizing “citizen journalism.” These sites have offered to be a great tool for gathering news for not only news consumers, but journalists.

So now what do you think of this new use for Facebook? Do you think Facebook will be a good place for journalists to settle? Do you think that Facebook can become the next tool for news gathering? I am on the fence about this. I am totally for utilizing Facebook in new ways and would love to see more newsy information, but I am unsure whether Facebook’s primary use right now will adapt to this new focus. However, right now Facebook is the leading giant in this new age of technology so it is important that those who cover the news worldwide be connected to us Facebookers