A Real Superhero

superThere are people who quiver and hide in a corner every day. They never speak their mind.

There are people who live in their own bubble. They never question what people ask of them and never question the rules they follow. They never take a risk.

There are people who live there life on autopilot. They live through the motions of life just because they know no better.

I know one person who is unlike most. They don’t just live to live, they live their life making impacts along the way–Leaving a legacy at every corner.

You will never find this person hiding both from the physical world and from the truth. There is no fluff that comes with this person, they say what they mean and mean what they say. Some may find them to be harsh, but it seems to be the right way to live– the heroic way.

So how do the rest of us fare? Well we breakdown into two characters…the villain and the damsel in distress.


Those who are villains are the ones who attack the hero. The ones that create the rules that have no logic. They play games with peoples’ emotions and lives. They run a selfish world that only makes sense to them. They do not consider others when making decisions. Their voice is the only one they hear and that matters.

Damsels in Distress

The damsels in distress both male and female act as the victim. They are the stock character in life that is ineffectual to the point of naïveté.  They follow the one that is in charge at the moment either the villain or the hero. They follow, never lead.

It’s a privilege to know this hero. It’s frustrating to see them attacked by villains and surrounded by damsels in distress. In most movies the hero has super powers and those powers cannot be taught or learned, but they can be stolen. I would never dare to steal the power of this hero, but I feel like they have shared just a little with me. I consider myself half a damsel in distress and half a hero, but I know for certain I will never be a villain.

What character are you?