Get Out of the Waters!

According to Barney McCoy, an associate professor of journalism at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, reporters are not only putting themselves in danger but their credibility when they choose to do stand-up live shots in flooded areas.

The Mississippi River floodwaters have floated in some ridiculous coverage by anchors and reporters over the past few weeks. Theses anchors/reporters are standing in “the chemical and waste contaminated, snake infested floodwaters,” states McCoy. McCoy gives several reasons why reporters/anchors should not do these live stand-up shots.  McCoy states the following reasons:

* They make many reporters/anchors look amateurish and foolish.
* The stand-ups are gratuitous-They lack in good reason and reflect a creative deficit among many who do them.
* The stand-ups have been done so many times they’ve become cliche. I say that now, but only time will tell.
* They send a mixed message to your viewers; “Just because I’m doing this doesn’t mean you should be doing what I’m telling you not to do.”
* Contrary to popular belief, the “standing in water” stand-ups are not a form of journalistic baptism.

I must agree with McCoy. I definitely think that reporters/anchors should not purposely throw themselves into harms way because it does nothing for the report or their credibility. I have seen these foolish stand-up shots in the Mississippi River and my eye goes right towards where they are standing and I blank out the information their saying. So by having such a silly and dangerous stand-up live shot, the viewer is distracted from the heart of the information. So my advice, like McCoy’s, is GET OUT OF THE WATER!