He said, She Said

Imagine this. You are famous so you are constantly viewed by the public eye. The media loves writing about you and sometimes you feel they just don’t get their facts right. Don’t you wish there was something you could do to correct these rumors?

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Well Sir David Tang, founder of ICorrect Web site, is hear to help you! Tang developed the web site, ICorrect.com. According to the web site it is “the website to set the record straight. So far, the likes of Wikipedia and Google searches consist entirely of hearsays. ICorrect uniquely provides ‘words from the horses mouth'” and “ICorrect protects one’s reputation in cyberspace forever.” Sounds pretty good right? Well if you are interested in squashing those rumors about you, then you must join. No it is not free! There are two membership choices when you join, either “individual” or “corporate”. Individual is $1,000 a year and corporate is $5,000 a year. After you choose which membership you want then you must verify that you are you say you are. So once that is all done and your membership becomes official you can begin correcting those “wrongs.”

Already on the site is Sienna Miller wants people to know that she is not on Twitter and Tommy Hilfiger wants everyone to know that he never said he did not want black people to wear his clothes.

Now if you aren’t famous and are wondering what the disadvantage of this website is then here you go…these “corrections” are being fact checked! According to a New York Times article, “We’re not here to police it or prove the veracity of what you post,” Sir David explained, “although we do make sure you don’t commit crimes by defaming people or inciting others to violence.”

So this site could really become a “he said, she said” model. As a journalist, I would like to see a little investigation or proof that these corrections are correct! Is this site just going to make the “rumors” come to the surface again and stick out in the mind of the viewing public? Is this site going to be a battle ground for “victims” of the media to go in order to voice their side of the story?