Perhaps I shouldn’t be posting my thoughts on this! Maybe I should begin posting on Facebook! Now you are probably wondering, why would I make such a dramatic statement? Well in a New York Times’ article titled “Blogs Wane As the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter,” states that “The Internet and American Life Project at the Pew Research Center found that from 2006 to 2009, blogging among children ages 12 to 17 fell by half” (Kopytoff). Many bloggers are leaving the blogosphere and becoming Facebookers of the social media scene. Many argue that there is a larger direct audience available on Facebook than blogs. Bloggers write because they want to be heard and obviously prefer an audience, but when they are not getting that from their blog they easily turn to Facebook in order to capture the audience that is already there for them—friends and family.

Is this a good or bad idea? Is it limiting the scope of what you can and cannot blog about? For instance, if I wrote a blog that was about a topic that might be inappropriate for some of my friends or family on Facebook to read. Is it limiting the audience you are exposing your work to?