Not Just Pictures Anymore- Video On Instagram

I think we all knew when Facebook bought Instagram last year that changes were coming. Over the past year, many start-ups have tried to be the “Instagram for Video,” but none had that high of an adoption rate. Even Twitter launched its own short-form video-sharing application called Vine. So when Instagram finally came out with “Video On Instagram” (I must admit a clever name), which allows people to create 15-second videos to share on Instagram they beat out all other competitors. The new feature also includes simple editing capabilities as well as 13 new filters.

It has been interesting to see how “Video On Instagram” has taken to the mainstream. It’s of no surprise that the Instagram fanatics have quickly filled their feed with 15 second videos of themselves making funny faces to Justin Beiber showing his wounds after falling down a flight of stairs. We knew the 130 million Instagram users would adapt to the new feature quite quickly.

The remaining population in question is the brands on Instagram. Over 67% of top brands are now on Instagram, such as American Eagle, Taco Bell, General Electric, Warby Parker and American Express so what businesses are jumping on the video-sharing bandwagon? And who is doing a good job?

To find out, read “The Time is Now: Video On Instagram for Businesses