Romance Without the Shame

Take off that umbrella of shame and read that book! Many people find reading romance novels in public shameful and embarrassing. Some people have to wait until they are home and the children are in bed to finally be able to break the spine of a new romance novel. Not anymore. People will be able to read their seductive literature in Starbucks, on a long train ride or even in front of the kids! You might be thinking how is this possible?

Well Avon Books has just introduced Avon Impulse, which is a digital romance imprint where books by new and established authors will be released electronically, with paper editions available on demand. This is an exciting time not only for those die-hard romance novel enthusiasts, but also a huge step for publishers to set into the world on e-books. Print publication has been up and down since the rise of electronic such as the iPad and Kindle, which allow for easy read of e-books and online content. Border recently just recently announced bankruptcy so the market for print is just not there anymore. Will there ever be a time when the smell of a fresh new book will be obsolete? Will my daughter grow up in a world where school textbooks require laptops and Internet access? I am unsure of the answers at this time, but only time will tell.

Avon Impulse will begin releasing one e-romance a month. The first starts next week with    an “e-novella” by Katherine Ashe, “A Lady’s Wish.” So if you are romance reader and want    to no longer where the burden of embarrassment then check out Avon Impulse.