Spring Isn’t Here Yet, But Things Are Already Blooming!

I must have spring fever because all around me is blooming—Bloomberg. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is the man of many hats. He wants to voice his opinions LOUDER or should I say bolder, since he will be dabbling in the world of print. The mayor’s company, Bloomberg L.P. has begun publishing editorials across its vast media enterprise in an effort to broaden the company’s influence on national affairs in his Bloomberg View. Bloomberg has made an agreement with the city to have no involvement in the day-today operations of his company. His goal is to express his personal opinion and philosophy on the world.

With the mayor’s expanding entrepreneurial empire many conflicts surface. How can a mayor control so many different media outlets that not only carry his name, but his opinion and agenda? Are people just suppose to take his opinions with a grain of salt—knowing that he is who he is and that that affects his views? People have a hard enough time getting objective and straight news from completely separate news organizations so how are they going to manage this?

Bloomberg hired David Shipley, editor of The New York Times Op-Ed page who has brought with him his deputies Mary Duenwald and Toby Harshaw. Bloomberg View is trying to battle for audience attention and title for strongest news force, but they are going to have to battle with the giant—The New York Times.

So far snatching up some of the best opinion editorial writers from prestigious papers like the New York Times is a great strategy, but I think it might be a bumpy road because everything will be the Bloomberg-way or the highway!

Keep you eyes open and remember is to be a conscious news consumer and know your opinions from straight news!