The Time is Now: Video On Instagram for Businesses


 Video On Instagram allows users to create 3 to 15- second videos to share on Instagram. The new feature also includes:

        • Simple editing capabilities
        • Thirteen filters
        • Sharing capabilities on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and email
        • Choice to add a location

SimplyMeasuredCompared to the 6 second video-sharing offered through Vine, Instagram’s extra time offers companies more opportunity to get creative and insert branding. Although Video on Instagram hasn’t been out for that long there are already statistics out on what brands are kicking ass.

  •  Starbucks (Starbucks)
  • General electric (GeneralElectric)
  • Nissan (NissanUSA)
  • Disney (Disney)

Here are a few suggestions on how you can get your brand to rank on the “Video on Instagram Rockstar List”

  1. Film a product demo
  2. Promote an event with a video message
  3. Film a short Q&A with an executive at your company
  4. Hold a contest and request fans to submit a video. Use the description field to emphasize and reinforce the video message and add a hashtag to track conversations